Residential Solar Installation

The residential solar installation specialists. Discover the benefits with Spot On Solar!

Over 2 Million Australian Homes have Adopted Solar Power! A domestic solar system will help you reduce your electricity bills and help you and your home become eco-friendly, now that is good for all of us and the planet as well. 

With one of the highest electricity prices in the world, relying on the Australian grid to fulfill your electricity needs, is no longer a wise choice.

At Spot On Solar we’re experienced in our field of expertise and have accreditation by the Clean Energy Council to help you through and install a solution that will help in every way

Spot On Solar’s Sales & Service Commitment

  • Complete Residential Solar Solutions. We deal with solar requirements of all scales and can customize the solar solution according to your budget, energy requirements and roof dimensions.

  • We Sell & Install Tier 1 Solar Panels We use and recommend quality solar products at excellent and affordable prices. We’ll provide you with clear choices and our honest approach gives you the best advice. We can provide high-efficiency solar panel systems to help you make the best use of Australia’s abundant sunlight.

  • Real Guarantees and Warranty! With the help of our solar power solutions you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, save on electricity bills and shed your worries related to power company increases, but also rest easy in the knowledge that you are backed by the best warranties in the marketplace with performance guarantees.

A Solar Solution For Your Home, And For You

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to residential solar systems. Don’t be pressured into a committing to a product without having a professional installer visit your home first.

We work with families who want to save money and reduce their carbon footprint without waste, and will design the best solution for you and your home. If you know the solar solution you need, our team can design the system for you. Reach out to us today for an assessment.

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5 Simple Steps To Your Solar Solution



Approve your quote and design of your new Solar PV system with Spot On Solar and we get you on the road to saving money.


Sign the “Plain English” contract supplied by Spot On Solar.

We will lodge your application for connection to the power grid.



Spot on Solar your Clean Energy Council accredited installer will install your system and complete a certificate of compliance for your STC rebates and grid connection.


Spot on Solar will notify your energy retailer to get your system connected to the grid and forward your Certificate of Compliance


Congratulations, your solar PV system is now up and running and it’s time to start saving money on your power bills