Commercial Solar Power in Newcastle

Commercial solar installation which doesn’t cost the earth. Discover the benefits for your business in Newcastle.

  • Understand your electricity consumption

    Energy prices have continued to rise, so managing energy costs and consumption has become increasingly important to Australian businesses. Understanding your energy use is the first step to be able to implement measures for your business to become more energy efficient. Spot On Solar can help you take control of your energy consumption and reduce your businesses operating costs.

  • You can lower your energy costs

    Once we understand our consumption we can start lowering our energy costs with the right solutions. Keep in mind however the price of solar energy continues to lower with the aid of the government STC rebate which will not continue in its current form forever. It is time to take control. A solar solution will allow you to generate your own electricity and produce it at a lower cost than purchasing from an energy provider. A system that has been designed correctly to compensate for your usage will provide a payback time frame that will surprise you. After that, the energy that you generate is essentially free. Millions of Australian businesses have decided to go solar. With solar, your business will be free from the mercy of all future rises in energy costs.

  • You can drastically reduce your medium to long-term operational costs

    Our Solar panels have a serviceable life of 20 to 25 years, which will translate to a huge reduction in your medium to long-term operational costs.

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